Wednesday 25 January 2012

Foxy on the TV again

PirateTechnic's straw fox sculpture, entitled Urban Fox, is featured in the new Ford television advert now airing across Europe. The advertisement features Urban Fox installed on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the Festival of Britain's Anniversary in 2011 on the South Bank, London.

Follow this link for the full feature (; a journey from Rome to Edinburgh on only 2 tanks of fuel. The advert captures the Lourve to represent Paris, then the drive over Waterloo Bridge to represent London. First we see the seven metre straw animal through the passenger's window then, from further along the bridge, we are shown the London Eye and Big Ben on the skyline. The journey north to Scotland is then shown by passing Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North.

This is the second time Susan the fox has been on prime-time television, after being featured by the BBC in 'The Culture Show' last year. She has since been moved to the site of a major music festival where she shall continue to inspire those who see her. We do however plan to get her into the spirit of festival season by dressing her up in fancy dress for the event itself.

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