Saturday 3 September 2011

Festival Season Ends for the Pirates

The Green Man festival was a truly brilliant weekend, all that sun in Wales! Who'd have thought it? The man stood tall and solid, casually leaning on a giant tree stump. By the end of the weekend the grotto inside was positively rustling with wishes added by the festival goers. Some of the highlights included: 'I wish i was a massive otter' and 'I wish the green man was MY man'

A beautiful burn followed with amazing fireworks by Two Tigers and the collapse which couldn't have been at a more perfect moment!

Closely followed by Shambala festival, with few clean clothes left we continued our journey to that crazy carnival world. The light house sat serenely on the water with flags fluttering gently in the breeze. The inside housed a giant kaleidoscope of spinning colours. At night it was a beacon shining across the site. What a great party to end our summer.

Great seeing and meeting you all along the way! Arrrggghh!

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